The dog and cat dilemma in relationships

Have you ever gotten into a situation where you like someone, but then they tell you that they have a cat? Or maybe they have a dog, and you’re not really into dogs. This is known as the “dog and cat dilemma” among pet owners. 

It’s when one person wants to adopt an animal while the other person doesn’t want to adopt an animal at all or just doesn’t want the same type of pet. But what can people do when they get into this kind of situation when their Newcastle escorts are either a cat person or a dog lover?

There are some great ways to avoid the dog and cat dilemma:

Be Careful About What You Say

If you’re a dog person, say so, and don’t apologize for it. If you’re a cat person, say so. Do hesitate to tell someone that they should get a cat if they want one because they’re not going to change their mind just because you are not into cats. 

If someone asks if you are an animal person and you say yes, be careful of what you say next. This question usually leads into a spiel about how much you might love dogs and hate cats or vice versa. 

This is where you will start feeling bad for being so mean about other people’s pets if you say things about what you do not like about dogs or cats. You have to be careful when you talk about why you love dogs or cats so much because it can be easy to come off as biased.

But in general, people seem alright with such opinions on these matters. No one may have disagreed, but then, you would miss out on being with the woman because you prefer a different kind of pet. 

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Suggest You Get A Dog Or Cat Together

But before you suggest getting a dog or cat, consider these facts: 

Are you sure they want one? If so, great! You should go ahead and get one. But if not, maybe don’t push them into it as much as possible because it could turn into an argument about how much work owning a pet entails versus how much fun it entails and vice versa.

Do they seem responsible enough to take care of a living creature? If not, then maybe hold off on suggesting this until further notice.

Ask How The Feel About Their Former Pets

If you are considering getting a pet with your partner, but are worried that your new dog or cat might not be happy in its new home, then it’s worth asking how they were as previous pet owners. 

Ask if they were happy with their former pets and whether or not they would get another pet again. If they say yes to both questions, this is a good sign.

In Conclusion

It’s your job as a dating person to figure out what works best for you. If you’re looking for someone with a dog or a cat, keep looking until you find them. Remember that nobody wants to feel like they’re being forced into something they don’t want, especially when it comes down to big decisions like having to be a cat person or a dog lover.